Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treating

Last Halloween post! I swear this Halloween lasted for a week, I guess that's what happens when it is on a weekday. 

So last night we took Thomas trick or treating and it was AWESOME!!! 

I'm sorry to say to everyone else, but there is no way your trick or treating was as awesome as ours. 

You see, Texas does everything BIG and I'm learning that pretty quick and I love it!!!
 I heard our neighborhood was awesome when it comes to Halloween but I had no idea. Everyone decorates like crazy, just as much as most people do for Christmas, and almost EVERYONE was dressed up. Also most people not only pass out candy, but they dress up in a character, act like the character, and sit on the porch waiting for the trick or treaters, it seriously was a big party. I had wished Dustin and I dressed up, I thought about it, but I thought we would be the only adults dressed up tick or treating, when it turned out we one of the few who was not only dressed up, but decked out in character, well we have learned our lesson, and like other Texans we will go BIG next year.
Also they passed out really good stuff and HAND FULLS of candy, and some were even doing tricks, but they were nice to the little kids.  It was awesome, as an adult, I was having fun. 
We also had our friends, the Labonte's come with us. Thomas and Logan were so cute trick or treating, but were VERY SLOW, because they had to look at everything because everyone's houses were really decked out (I should have taken pictures) that they got easily distracted, and us moms, taking a picture every step they took, and every door, also made it slow, so we did 2 streets in an hour.
Our neighborhood is really awesome, that we had people from other neighborhoods come down, there were so many cars parked by the clubhouse, and we ran out of candy by 7ish that we started passing out Thomas' candy, and every thing else that was sweet, and again we were cleaned out, so Thomas got maybe 2 pieces of candy, oops....
We also had the Pratt's come over after the trick or treating and we had some yummy taco soup if I might say so, and pumpkin cheese cake and hung out for a little bit. I didn't take any pictures, because I was running around getting things ready, and let's face it, I'm pregnant and I get tired pretty quick that pictures were the last thing on my mind, but it was a lot of fun hanging out. 

And a side note, just ignore Dustin's outfit, he's color combination ha ha, is a little weird, I should have made those pictures B&W. I didn't say anything to him, but when we were looking through the pictures he was like "What am I wearing????" Obviously he just put the first things he saw, and the hat just tops it off!

Than this last picture, like I said everyone decked out on the decorations, but these people were over the top. This doesn't even show half of what they had, and all the characters moved and made noises, there was a ghost lady rocking her baby in a rocker singing, a girl swinging on a swing from a tree, it was really creepy. 

Hope everyone had a great Halloween like we did!


Rachel Curtis said...

Those decorations are awesome! And the monster costume is super cute. Glad you guys had a good Halloween! :)

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Looking great Jess!!!

Sara and Brad Forbush said...

How fun!!! It makes me want to go on an adventure :) glad you had such a fun halloween! Thomas looks so cute in that costume!