Thursday, November 8, 2012

2nd Birthday

I can't believe I have a 2 year old! 

That second year went a lot faster than the first. 
Thomas had a good birthday and got spoiled, Dustin and I decided that we don't need to buy any more presents for him for Christmas because he hit the jack pot, between 2 grandparents, and 2 great-grandparents, his cousins, and us. He has enough toys to last him for a while. 
The night before I got things ready so he woke up with a little surprise when he went to the kitchen for breakfast. I also made his cake the night before, and that didn't turned out like I planned, ha ha. It didn't help that I ran out of butter and powder sugar, not smart on my part, so I had to wait till Dustin could go shopping after work, so I didn't get a chance to work on it till 11:30 that night, and by than I'm so tired. I also made another mistake, I was going to make fondant for the cake and instead of using the recipe I usually use I used a Pinterest recipe because they said it tasted better than regular fondant, well it didn't work AT ALL. And I didn't have marsh-mellows to make the fondant I usually make. So I had to compromise, and well it turned out a disaster, and I got done around 2 and my back was killing (darn pregnancy) so I rushed things in the end, BUT the cake tasted good, and Thomas kept saying "mmmm good" while he eat it, so that's all that matters right?? One day I will make that beautiful cake that I had in my head. 
Anyway, Thomas woke up really early that morning, and was very excited to see the surprise. And ran straight to the balloons. Why do we buys kids toys? Afterwards he had fun unwrapping presents and playing with all of his toys. It's been nice, I haven't had to entertain him as much lately because he's been busy playing with all of them. Than later that day we went to play group and went to a farm and fed and petted the cows and horses. We also went to a park and played for a while.
Than that night we had Dustin's grandparents come over for pizza and cake.  Thomas got excited when they came over. And he loved us singing Happy Birthday to him, and blowing out the candles, he thought that was great.

Our little boy is getting so big, I can't believe how time is flying so I'm trying to enjoy every minute.

I'm hoping to take some 2 year old pictures of him sometime this weekend, than I will give an update because he's growing up a lot and fast. He already knows about 11 letters! He's getting so big!

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