Tuesday, November 6, 2012

80's Ladies

Haven't I mentioned, Texas does everything big?!?

So last week I got an email from Megan (our primary president) inviting me and some other ladies to a 80's party. I thought it sounded like a fun party and a way to get to know more people in our ward since I don't see too many grown ups in nursery. 
So all I was expecting was going to her house, have some treats and games and some 80's music, ha ha nope. 
Dana, another new person in the ward, and I went together having the same idea of what the party was going to be like. We sat and talk to some people when Megan said "So where are we going to eat tonight ladies?" "WHAT??? We are going out like this?" Both Dana and I asked.
When the other girls said we must have never been one of Megan's parties, and we will be out in town all night long. 
So Dana and I went be back to our homes to get our wallets and told our husband's good luck and we were going to be later than we originally planned.
We went to In-n-Out  and had some burgers and milk shakes. Than we headed to Target and split in 2 groups and each each group had to find 10 random items than we switched and the other group had try put all the items in the right place and which ever group finished first won. My group won, my favorite item was the ceramic gnome lamp.
Than we went to a gas station and got some yummy donuts and door bell ditched someone's house and left them a box of donuts.
It was a lot fun, and it was fun to meet new people, and I can't wait till the ugly sweater party next month!

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Nancy said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! What a good idea for a girls night!