Sunday, November 11, 2012

Boy Scout Museum-Norman Rockwell Exhibit

This past Monday we went to the Boy Scout Museum to check out the Norman Rockwell Exhibit they had, and it was AWESOME! I love Rockwell's art and to see the originals were amazing! 
The Boy Scout Museum is actually really big but we only went to see the paintings and were there almost 2 hours and Thomas actually liked it as well. 
We also had a tour guide that talked about each painting with us which interesting to know a little bit about each painting. 

So here are pictures of us by our favorite painting at the museum. I just realized I'm the only one standing by a Norman Rockwell painting(and I don't know if it's my favorite because I honestly loved all or Rockwell's paintings there), and Thomas' favorite was from another artist that I can't think of his name right now and he liked it because of the airplanes, than the one Dustin is standing by is an JC Leyendecker, who is also an AMAZING artist as well, and Dustin really likes him. 

Norman Rockwell's artist hero was JC Leyendecker and was greatly influenced by him, and he thought  he never compared to Leyendecker, but ironically Norman Rockwell is more well-known. 

 It was a lot of fun seeing amazing art work, and looking at amazing art makes me proud that I'm an artist as well and that I'm part of something great. 

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