Monday, November 12, 2012

Thomas @ 2

Here's Thomas at two.
He's not interested in taking pictures at two that's for sure, I got maybe 5 minutes today and it was almost impossible to get a good picture even when I asked Dustin to come out and help entertain him. 

We are reaching the terrible 2's even though it hasn't been as bad as I anticipated (knock on wood)
he is pretty good, and he will put himself in time out when he knows he's done something bad.

He's in a weird stage where he's trying to phase out his one nap, but he can't make till 7 if he doesn't have a nap, but he won't go down for one anymore, so the only way I can get a nap in is we drive to town and he gets a little power nap but even than he gets really cranky around 4ish, so we are still figuring that one out. I was hoping he would take naps till I had the baby and a little longer so I could get naps in when I do night feedings but I don't think that's going to happen. 

He's really into boy things, like cars, airplanes, trucks, buses, trains, that any time we see any of those things he gets excited, and any book he picks out from the library has one of those things in it. He also got a shirt with airplane on it that he loves to wear from Grandma Lisa.

He loves to get in dirt or sand and dig right in, which is hard for me to watch because I've never been like that, even as a kid I hated getting dirty unless I know I can shower right afterwards that I have to remind myself that I need to let him be a little boy. He also loves touching rolly pollies, or potato bugs, whatever you call them, and makes them go into little balls and than throw them, again it's hard for me to see him touch bugs, because I HATE any type of bug. 

His favorite color the last month or so has been green. He always picks the green crayon, and when we let him pick out some toys at the store with his birthday money he picked the green car first. 

He knows the shapes pretty good, and colors are coming along, but he loves learning the alphabet and he always points out letters that he knows where ever we go. The letters he knows for sure are "B,C,D,F,I,O,R,T,U, and Z" while the others he sometimes gets mixed up but he will repeat me when I correct him, but he has a hard time saying H for some reason. 

He's still a BIG daddy's boy, that he rarely comes to me for comfort, only in public when I'm the only person he knows, or in nursery because he sees me with other kids, but I love how he will randomly run and give me some hugs and than goes back and does his own thing. But any other time he wants daddy. 

This is a fun stage and we love seeing him grow, and he such a joy in our lives.

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