Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Card

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(one day I will actually print cards, but till now we are doing digital)

This has been one exciting year for the Clark's, between having a baby #2 on the way, moving to a different state, traveling all over the U.S., and just life in general.

So here's the year in a summary.

Dustin: Dustin has increased his art skills a lot this last year between working at caricature stands at SeaWorld, taking an amazing online class from Stephen Silver, and going to the caricature convention last month. He's been working hard on his teacher certificate since we have moved to Texas and has been working as substitute teacher and at Walgreens at night but still has time for art and spending time with his family. He is a wonderful husband and father that we are so lucky to have him.

Jessica: Jessica has just been about everywhere in the U.S. this year. She's also been working on her art and photography skills and has earned some little money on the side while raising their son, Thomas and going through morning sickness. She misses Orlando, mainly SeaWorld and their friends, but is loving Texas and thinks Texas would be perfect if it had more of a winter, but she is loving having family near by again.  She is looking forward to not being pregnant anymore and can't wait to meet the little guy next month.

Thomas: Thomas just gets cuter and cuter and is growing up so fast. He started out this year barely walking and saying maybe 3 words to running and climbing, and saying phrases and is learning the alphabet. He is a boy through and through, he loves outside, dirt, bugs, cars, planes,  and especially  trains, that everything is a train to him. He loves to color, but likes to watch Dustin and Jessica draw, he always wants them to draw trains and lets them know if they are missing anything on it. He loves going to Dustin's grandparents house and playing with his cousins. He will be a great big brother.

It's been a great year and we are excited for the next year.

We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

*The card was illustrated by Dustin

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V Rawls said...

Merry Christmas you guys . Love the card. Hug each other for me.