Sunday, March 24, 2013

Oliver @ 2 months

Oliver is 2 months!

It is going by so fast, I'm little sad about it, but this is really my favorite stage, where they give you smiles and coo like crazy. Too bad I can't seem to get him to smile for pictures though....
I don't know his stats yet because we don't have a Dr. appointment for another week but he's a growing boy and is already growing out of the 0-3 month clothes, it's so sad...
He's really good at holding his head up, he can do it for a good ten minutes or so before he gets tired.
He still wants to be held all the time, for a while there, he didn't mind being put down but now he seems to ask to be held even more. Part of it, I think, is because he doesn't want to be left behind, he wants to be part of everything too. He really likes Thomas, and Thomas adores him, and can be a little protective of him, he only likes if Dustin and I hold him and no one else. 

He seems to be more of a momma's boy, but I guess we will wait and see, just barely he hasn't mind having Dustin putting him to sleep at night before it was a no go. Once in a while at night he will do a 8 hours of sleep before a feeding but most nights he eats at 2 and 5, so it's getting better but I'm still tired all the time. 

With Thomas everyone said he looked like Dustin, while Oliver, I hear he is an exact replica of me, which has been nice to hear since I rarely heard that with Thomas.

Oliver is such a delight and such a great addition to our family, already I feel like he makes us better parents and makes our family that much better!

We love our little Oliver!


glad2bemommy09 said...

Yes he is your twin.:-)

Nancy said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! I can't believe it's already been two months!