Saturday, March 30, 2013

Turning 24

Well last week I turned 24, I'm heading to the mid-twenties. 

Thanks to Dustin and family and friends I had a great birthday.
Dustin took me shopping and also took the kids so I could do it in peace, than we went to Texas Roadhouse, had cheesecake for my cake, and later that the night we saw The Oz movie. It was a lot of fun. 

So for documenting my life I've decided to write 24 facts & thoughts at 24:

1. One of my favorite parts of the day, is sneaking in my boys' rooms and giving them a goodnight kiss while they are asleep.
2. I hate when I miss a great opportunity to take a great picture because I don't have a camera right there, I wish I could take pictures by just blinking my eyes.
3. I rather be behind the camera, but I've tried to take more pictures of me because I don't want to regret not having pictures of me with my kids and husband.  
4. I pray more during the day now that I have ever before, and I always thank my Heavenly Father for my boys every night because they are so special to me.
5. Dustin is my best friend, everything is more fun with him around.
6. I love living in Texas but I want to move back to Idaho, but I miss living in Orlando the most. I know probably doesn't make sense, but that is how I feel.
7. Hot chocolate is still my favorite. 
8. More and more I realize my mom was amazing for having nine kids, and everyday I think of her and try to be like her, because I think she was the perfect mom. 
9. I realize how discipline my parents are with everything, especially with finances and I try to live like them, but I'm not half as good as them, but I'm trying!
10. Every time I make my bed I think of my mom because she ALWAYS made us make our bed. And I will admit I haven't been really bad it the last year but I started doing it again, because one, it does make a difference in my day sounds weird but I AM more productive the day I do do it. And the room is that much cleaner.
11. I'm scared of the teenage years, and they will be here before I know it.
12. I love movies, I think a lot of them are a great work of art, and love watching special features to see how they make them and I wish I could be part of that.
13. I'm very insecure about my art work.
14. When I buy clothes for my boys, I pick the ones I think will look good in pictures.
15. I still miss Thomas' long hair.
16. I'm secretly hoping that Oliver is a momma's boy since Thomas is such a daddy's boy.
17. I love playing with Thomas and pretending to be super heros more than I thought I would. 
18.I have never met someone that has smaller hands than me.
19.I'm very competitive, sometimes it's a good thing because it can be a great motivator. 
20. I have no self control on food, that many times I tell Dustin to hide a certain food item so I won't eat it all at once, but even than, sometimes I try to find it. 
21.Going on walks as a family is one of my favorite things.
22. I hate talking on the phone, I'm sure to some that's hard to believe, especially to my parents because they saw my phone minutes in high school, but I'm so awkward on it.
23. I hate bugs, even lady bugs, that when I had to collect dead insects for a science project for school I wouldn't do it, so my poor mom and to collect all them and pin them, I was ok failing that project, but my mom was too good and did it. Poor Dustin will have to do it with our kids, or they will fail it because I'm not going to do it.
24. I love life and the Gospel!

Well that's me in a nutshell at 24.

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